Wednesday, June 30, 2010

ALA Annual Conference - Washington, D.C.

This was probably my best ALA annual conference to date.

Even with a visit to the ER.

This was my big conference as President of NMRT. I also completed my first full year on the ALA Executive Board. Both roles were incredibly rewarding and I accomplished so much. It was my pleasure to speak at the NMRT orientations Friday afternoon and Saturday morning. I think I got attendees excited to be there. Then my president's program, "Innovative Career Choices: Opportunities Beyond Public and Academic Libraries", was standing room only (mostly because of a room set-up error, but it would have been jam packed regardless). I along with others did not get the opportunity to hear the program because the room was overflowing, but our panelists were kind of enough to share their presentations here. The program was also featured on the ALA Member's Blog. I'm also proud to have partnered with Loida Garcia-Febo on the REFORMA/NMRT joint program "The New Professional Paradigm: Redefining the New Librarian". The last NMRT event was the Awards Reception where we recognized the winners of the 3M/NMRT Professional Development Grant award winners and the Shirley Olofson Memorial Award winner. However, I took a point of personal privilege to recognize Past President Laurel Bliss with a plaque for her leadership and service to NMRT (pictured below), and to thank 3M for their 35 years of support.

NMRT Awards Reception cropped
Laurel Bliss and Courtney Young, 2010 NMRT Awards Reception

I also completed my first full year on the ALA Executive Board. In addition to participating fully in Executive Board meetings, my liaison visits with a variety of ALA divisions, round tables, and committees continue to be an eye opening experience. It's been a tremendous opportunity to serve the ALA membership in this capacity. It has also been incredibly rewarding to work with the people who make up the board. As a reference librarian at an academic library I might not have crossed paths with these library directors and deans, public library directors, library school faculty, school librarians, and Library of Congress staff. Add to that the chance to work with the incredibly hard working and talented ALA Staff. Ours is truly an association of good people.

Executive board members whose terms are completed
Rod Hersberger, Charles Kratz, Jim Rettig, and Larry Romans

Both roles are incredibly rewarding and I accomplished so much. I am thankful for all the support I've received over the past year and the support I know I will continue to receive for many years to come.