Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Georgia Wednesday Webinars

One of the many great things about my Georgia COMO trip was meeting new people and expanding my professional network. Thanks to fostering new relationships, two free webinars hosted by the Georgia Library Association and the Georgia Public Library Service were on my radar: "Open Source Software in Georgia Libraries" by Jason Puckett and "How Ebooks, File Types and DRM Affect your Library" by Brian Hulsey.

Jason gave a great overview of open source software types and how they are useful for libraries. I was fortunate enough to ask him which resources we should be teaching students and faculty to use. Jason's first recommendation was Zotero, the open-source reference manager. He's also writing a book on Zotero to be published in the spring by ACRL. Other suggestions include LibX, Audacity, and OpenOffice.

Brian's presentation is was on a very timely topic. Unfortunately, I was interrupted several times so I did not view the content for the entire session. I do know questions were asked regarding support for multiple device platforms and challenges for lending. Good stuff!

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