Saturday, April 2, 2011

ACRL Day 4

Today was the last day of the ACRL conference. I attended one panel presentation and the closing keynote.

Sue Polanka was the moderator for the panel featuring Marilyn Billings, Michele Sordi, Eric Frank, and Steve Acker. It was a thoughtful discussion regarding electronic textbook access from a variety of perspectives. Given many of the fund raising efforts for student books at the campus where I'm currently employed, I'm curious how this might shift those fund raising efforts. For example, owning a computer or mobile device with internet access would become even more important. Will this mean more electronic and wired classrooms? Are faculty and librarians ready to embrace this change and shift the way we teach?

ACRL digital textbook panel

The closing keynote was from Clinton Kelly. It was a great way to end the conference. I found his presentation refreshing, and really appreciated how much time he spent taking questions from the audience. Surprisingly there was a real balance between the number of men and women asking questions.

Clinton Kelly at ACRL

I waited in a very long line and had two copies of his book "Oh No She Didn't" signed. One is for my good friend Kristen who is certain Clinton and Stacy will show up at her classroom after one of our friends and I nominate her for crimes against fashion. One day it just might happen. I wonder if they offer a finders fee?

with Clinton Kelly

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