Thursday, July 30, 2009

NMRT President (so far)

I've started my term as NMRT President. The committee appointments are pretty much done. I have written my first short article for the August issue of Footnotes. I've even started working with the chair of the President's Program committee about my program idea for the 2010 Annual Conference. The term is up at the end of June (a short year compared to 2008-2009) and I know it will fly by.

Speaking of the 2008-2009 president, Laurel Bliss noted that AL Direct highlighted a resume review service video featuring Sarah Johnson. Johnson was one of the speakers at the NMRT President's Program on July 11.

We're trying something new this year and hosting our orientation sessions for new board members and new committee members online. I'm almost done capturing the content from previous orientations in the session slides I'm creating. We'll do the training using Opal, the software ALA has made available for this type of work. Fingers crossed!

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