Friday, July 17, 2009

ALA Chicago 2009

This was my longest and busiest ALA ever. I arrived in Chicago on July 9 and did not return home until July 16. Here are some of the highlights of my week.

I answered a total of four reference questions on the streets of Chicago. Three of them were directional. Only one required a reference interview. I was actually able to answer all of them. Correctly. Definitely a highlight of my conference.

ALA Meetings: I attended all of the Council meetings (I, II, and III), ALA-APA Council, and the Council Forum on July 13. I attended the second ALA Membership Meeting on July 13. I staffed the Resolutions table in the (surprisingly conveniently located) ALA Office area on July 10, and attended the committee meeting on July 11.

NMRT Meetings: I attended part of the TOLD committee meeting the morning of July 10 before running to the other end of McCormick Place to attend the Round Table Coordinating Assembly meeting. I attended the Orientation bright and early (8-10am) on Saturday, July 11. That afternoon, Laurel Bliss and Amanda Roberts, and I represented the round table at the "Conference for a Day" luncheon. Tracie Hall was the featured speaker and is always a treat to listen to and hear. The Conference for a Day was one of Jim Rettig's wonderful Presidential initiatives. On Sunday evening, I attended the NMRT Awards Reception and took several photos. July 13 at 8am I finally arrived at the NMRT Board meeting (despite leaving my hotel and hour before due to some shuttle bus traffic) where I posted about the meeting from the NMRT Twitter.

NMRT at Membership Pavilion

Executive Board Events and Meetings: I was introduced as a new board member at the Inaugural Banquet on July 14. I was officially seated on the board at their third meeting the afternoon on July 15. We were scheduled to meet from 1:30pm to 4:30pm. We did not adjourn until 5:30pm, but it was an enjoyable meeting.

When I was not or running between meetings, there was time (although not enough of it) to connect with friends and colleagues. I also made some new friends. After the Scholarship Bash, Amanda and I wandered around Millennium Park. I'm glad she dragged me along.

Millennium Park

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