Wednesday, January 21, 2009

A full schedule

aka my ALA Midwinter Meeting schedule. We'll see how the best laid plans really work out.


8A – 12P: ALA Exec Board Mtg (observe)

10:30A – 12P: Round Table Coordinating Assembly

12P – 2P: lunch with colleague

7:30P – 8:30P: NMRT Meet & Greet


8A – 10A: NMRT Meet & Greet

8A – 10A Data Dashboard

10A – 12P: Exhibits & Lunch (we'll see about this)

12:15P – 1:15P: Task Force on Electronic Member Participation

1:30P-3:30P: Resolutions Committee

1:30P-3:30P: NMRT All Committee

4P – 6P: JCLC Fundraising Reception

5:30P – 7:30P: NMRT Midwinter Social, Crocs Restaurant

9P – 10P: Council Reception

10P – 2A: Facebook Librarians Social, The Corner Office - 1401 Curtis Street


8:30A – 10:30A: iFactory Focus Group

9A – 10A: Council/Executive Board/Membership Information Session

10A – 10:30A: ALA-APA Information Session

10:45A – 12:15P: Council I

3P – 4P: Greeter, Resume Review Service

4P – 5:30: Task Force on Electronic Member Participation

5:30P – 7P: President's Reception

Dinner with Laurel Bliss

(note double booked all morning)

8A – 10A: NMRT Executive Board Meeting

8A – 12P: ACRL Scholarships meeting

10:15A – 11:15A: ALA/APA Council

11:30A – 12:30P: ALA Executive Board Candidates Forum

Dinner with Kate Corby

8P – 9:30P: Council Forum


9:15A – 12:45P: Council II

2P – 3P: Resolutions Table, ALA Office

4:30P – 6P: Council Forum

Dinner with Matt


8A – 12:30P: Council III

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