Saturday, October 2, 2010


I was appointed to ALA's Budget Analysis & Review Committee (BARC) as an Executive Board liaison. It is a two year term. September 30 and October 1 I attended the orientation and meeting at ALA Headquarters in Chicago. I learned about the other members of the committee and our ALA liaisons, the committee's role in the association, and the budgeting process. Thankfully there are a wealth of wonderful documents to help me including the Orientation Manual and Important Financial Terms. One of the most important things we did after the orientation part of the meeting was plan the Midwinter Financial Workshop. We are taking a slightly different approach for San Diego and putting together a session we hope will be more interactive and offer more in the way of best practices.

I am the BARC liaison to LITA, NMRT, and the newest round table RMRT.

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