Saturday, October 30, 2010

Notes from a new councilor flashback

I recently discovered my original notes from when I attended my first ALA Council Orientation in Chicago, June 2005. I was the NMRT Councilor.

General advice:
1. Don't be afraid to speak up.
2. Attend the Council Forums.
3. Learn and understand the Resolutions process.

Council is the policy making body of the Association. There are three meetings during the Midwinter Meeting and Annual Conference. Council gives the orders/direction for the organization.

As a member of Council, you are encouraged to get involved and bring up questions.

Mentor program for Council
- reception at midwinter meeting for new councilors, a great place to meet people

Executive Board member elections take place at Midwinter

Use the listserv

ALA Council Suite
- always a suite for caucus

Actions of Council are posted on the web after each MW or AC

- guideline to resolutions
- be prepared for amendments (some are friendly, some are not)
- send to Resolutions Committee before sending them out to Council
- can be carry over; need a seconder
- you must give all amendments to the projectionist in writing on the appropriate form
- voting record is recorded

Membership meetings

Council Forums
- informal meetings of council
- one for chapter councilors, two general forums
- opportunity to meet and talk with other councilors
- meetings scheduled, open forums

- we area also members of that council
- improve salaries for all library employeees
- certify individuals
- special session and information session
- has its own listserv
- will also have more committees

Lois Ann Gregory-Wood
- key person for all things related to Council

Parliamentarian: Eli Mina
- Roberts Rule of Order, Sturgis
- assists the president and president-elect
- assists the resolution committee
- reduce anxiety about process
- all councilors will receive a copy of the rules - standard codes of parliamentary procedure
- Councilors have three minutes to speak at meetings: green light, yellow light, red light
- "Suffering is optional"
- procedure brings structure to the meetings
- right to object from your seat
- quorum is shared responsibility

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