Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Breakfast with Peter

I had a wonderful breakfast with the fabulous Peter Hepburn at the Omni Hotel Pittsburgh. He was in town for the ASIST conference. I'm glad he was tweeting from the conference, otherwise I might have missed the fact that he was here. Ironically, I was in Chicago when the conference started, but returned to Pittsburgh before he left.

I made sure not to disappoint in the footwear department and wore a great pair of boots. We caught up on all things library: tenure and promotion, my new job, and ALA. It was a refreshing conversation. I always find talking to colleagues at peer institutions fascinating. I'm looking forward to working with Peter on ALA Council since he'll be representing the GLBTRT for the next three years.

Of course, no post related to Peter would be complete without a photo of food.
Ham and cheddar omlette

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  1. Oh, awesome! I really have to kickstart my blogging again after too long away!