Wednesday, February 23, 2011

SJSU web session

Last night ALA Student Chapter (ALASC), San Jose State University hosted the webinar "Making the Most of Your ALA Membership." A few friends mentioned the session on Twitter, and then ALA President-Elect Molly Raphael mentioned it in passing during our monthly ALA Executive Board conference call. I decided to attend.

Program Description:
Do you have questions about the American Library Association? Do you want to get involved with librarianship at a national level? Do you want to learn what ALA can do for you and your career?

Join ALASC on February 22 in Elluminate for a session on "Making the Most of You ALA Membership." Speakers will include Ken Haycock, former director of SJSU SLIS; Tiffany Mair, a recent SLIS graduate and 2011 ALA Emerging Leader; and Molly Raphael, the 2010-2011 ALA President Elect.

I was pleased to discover Jamie Renton, SJSU's ALASC Chair, was moderating the session. I had the pleasure of meeting Jamie during the Annual Conference in Washington, D.C. We emailed a bit after conference, but it had been a while since I connected with her. It was great to reconnect and receive such a warm welcome.

I really enjoyed the program. Lots of great perspectives and advice about getting involved in the association, and some really great questions from the audience. I even contributed a little bit, adding a few tips via the text chat on ways to get involved in the Association (especially NMRT) based on my experience. I hope to participate in one of their programs in the near future.


  1. Courtney, we would love to have you! Is there anything in particular you would like to speak about? There were so many questions about networking that I'm thinking we should make that an event on its own, and I know it's something you could speak to.

    We got some great feedback from our survey, including a few suggestions to do this annually (either before or after ALA). If you're not too busy, maybe we could plan a "pre-ALA primer" before New Orleans? What do you say?

  2. I agree Courtney! It was nice to reconnect with you. I was so happy that you were there.
    I second what John said. We would love to have you speak at an event! We have an annual Elluminate event called "Pre-Conference Mixer" to get students ready for the ALA annual conference. Would you like to speak at that event? It's usually a few weeks before ALA.