Tuesday, March 1, 2011

There will be madness

March has arrived. Evaluation season is in full swing. In addition to getting my own evaluation materials in order, I'm preparing to be on the other side of the process. There are plenty of resources and people to ask to make sure the process goes smoothly. I can also see how it can be a rewarding experience. To think I've only been here five months.

Although I haven't done any work or conference related travel since Midwinter (shocker!), I've kept myself busy. On a personal note, I received an offer on my house and will be closing on the 14th. This makes me very happy, but my new housing search has been challenging. I'm happy to report I have found a place to live closer to my new job. I'll sign the lease and move next week. It's been a tight window since my realtor advised me to wait until we had a final commitment letter from the buyer. Thankfully it came through on Friday, a week earlier than anticipated. Fingers crossed I pull off the shortest move of my life.

After spring break (next week) and the students return, I'll be back on the road. Conferences and meetings await. Thank goodness for a move to break up the monotony!


  1. Be careful...those short moves can be a killer. You wind up not packing anything as tightly, because you can just make "one more trip." Been there, done that.

    Good luck. Moving in the winter in Pennsylvania will not be fun!

  2. Thanks Michael! Fortunately professional movers will be taking care of the majority of the move. I just have to worry about my one plant and those few odds and ends I'll take in my vehicle.