Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Computers in Libraries, Day 3

Today I'm going to take a cue from the sessions I attended today. Many of them were driven by pictures and by sound.

Today's keynote was Michelle Manafy, who talked about "Engaging Digital Natives: Strategies, Services & Satisfaction. The link is archived at CILlive.

Marshall Breeding talked about "Learning from inspirational libraries." He shared photographs and his experiences visiting amazing libraries around the world.
Marshall Breeding's session at CiL.

I attended Lisa Carlucci's Cybertour session "Capturing Attention: Design Tips". She talked about the double rainbow video and the responses it spawned. "The double rainbow inspired mashups, made it personal, inspired sharing." She left us with "Think social, think emotional, think customizable." It was a very engaging and thoughtful session. It would have actually made for a great full session in one of the tracks. After the session, Lisa and I had lunch.

In the afternoon, I attended NMRT Secretary Janel White's session in Track D on "New Alignments, Structures, and Services". An interesting piece of their session was how they used what they do best, audio, to set the tone for their talk. Various clips from NPR programs were played to demonstrate the ways the broadcast library contributes to programming. She and her colleague went on to talk about how their department adopted service level agreement (SLA) to add accountability to chart their course. They also adopted a pilot mentality, and this low risk tool has allowed for buy-in, and become the model for other groups within the organization. It was great to see Janel.
Courtney and Janel

Tuesday night is a "famous evening of fun and learning" at CiL. The Adding value in our communities: Dead & innovative tech session featured a full panel of library who's who.

Tuesday night panel
That blurred hand is actually concealing one of delicious cookies available before the session. Really.

Tuesday night panel

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