Wednesday, March 30, 2011

ACRL 2011 Day 1

This morning I flew to Philly for ACRL.

Philly arrival at airport

It was a nice quick trip. The drive would have taken 5 hours and with the cost of fuel and parking it ended up being cheaper for me to fly. Plus after a busy and event filled conference, not having to face the five hour drive home sounded good.

I was lucky to have an afternoon tea with Peter. We sat in the lobby of the Marriott where Jim Rettig visited us and later we were joined by Aaron, LJ Lafleur, and Trevor. Mario also stopped by for a few before his room was ready, and we had our first Camila sighting. The start to the an excellent conference!

I attended the opening of the exhibits. Aaron and I explored the food offerings and had a wine sample courtesy of Credo Reference. We also ran into a lot of people. Aaron had some real vendor business to do, so wandered around the show floor while he talked shop with a few vendors.

The highlight of the evening was being the host of ACRL's 1st Battledecks. I dressed for the occasion in a sequined top. It was very shiny and added to the evening's fun. The real stars were all six participants who impressed the audience and the judges with their ability to relate the random decks to the conference themes. The winner was Nancy Sims from University of Minnesota. She won an iPad 2. It was a great night and we got done thirty minutes early.

BattledecksView from the stage

More Battledecks
Another view from the stage

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