Sunday, March 20, 2011

Computers in Libraries, Day 1

I'm attending Computers in Libraries 2011. It is my first time at CiL. I decided this year in my new role as head librarian it might be interesting and useful for me to attend. I also signed up to blog the conference, so they made the snazzy QR code above for my blog.

I flew to D.C. early this morning. The conference is being held at the Hilton Washington. I did not sign up for a pre-conference, but I was sure to get here in time for the "Gaming & Gadgets Petting Zoo". There were tables set up for people to talk about a variety of gadgets including smart phones and tablets.

I spent the majority of my time gaming. I won two games of Wii Bowling, and I think I had the evening's first perfect aka flawless victory against Andy Woodworth on the gladiator game for the PS3 and Playstation Move.

Library Renewal provided copies of their posters as door prizes. Jason Griffey, member of the Library Renewal board, presented the posters. Two very lucky librarians each won a poster.

I was happy to see some familiar faces including Jason Puckett. I also got to meet Sarah Houghton-Jan and Maurice Coleman. I'd say it was a good start to the conference.

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