Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Library Day in the Life: July 26

I had a pretty busy day today, especially for this point in the summer. The morning was spent in a meeting. A faculty member teaching a media ethics course this fall wanted to brainstorm about ways to build in technology and civic engagement into the course. The students will be recording video and audio using an iPod Touch. My experience with blogging, video, and Facebook turned out to be useful for the discussion. It is always nice to be part of a major course assignment conception.

I left the media ethics meeting to present to students in the STEM program. I was invited to talk to them about the library during their lunch. I kept things short and sweet. I distributed a one page handout with a few general pieces of information. I also gave them each a library mug. I received the most questions about the mug.

1 page handout and mugs

It was a good day to be outside of the library, not just because of the beautiful weather. I think some people are still getting used to seeing me beyond the library building. Of course, library stuff is taking place beyond the building.

Library in summer

Of course I continued to write and respond to email throughout the day. :)

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