Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Library Day in the Life: July 27

The major focus for today was a lunch for our LIS intern, Sarah. Her last day is tomorrow. I'm sure the year she's spent in the Pitt LIS program and the Pitt Partners internship program have gone by very quickly. It's been great having her part of our library staff. It's also been great for me to give back to the profession and play an even more active role in a new professional's development.

A running joke I have with Sarah is that she's worked here longer than I have. She started at this campus in mid-to-late August. I didn't start my position here until a month later. We both learned as we went, with our fall semester road trip being one of the many highlights.

Lunch would not have been complete without dessert


and of course a gift.

Intern gift

One of our staff members made a blanket to make sure Sarah would not forget her experience at Penn State.

Sarah with her gift

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