Thursday, January 27, 2011

Library Day in the Life: January 27

Stopped traffic

My commute to work was slow this morning. There was some issue getting through the Squirrel Hill tunnel. Over each traffic lane was a big red X and the traffic light was red.

None shall pass

After sitting for a bit that truck on the right made a u-turn, the lights turned green, and traffic was moving again.

Once I got in I logged into my calendar and email. I responded to a lot of emails, a pretty even split between work-related and ALA-related. I also spent some time talking with my LIS intern about her classes this week and a project for YALSA later this spring.

My afternoon was filled with meetings. I attended the campus' faculty senate meeting. One of the reports did duplicate a report I heard at yesterday's Library Faculty Organization meeting, but the rest was reports from standing committees and other business. Next was another quick check of email and then a meeting with my reference librarian about a campus event the library collaborated on last year. I offered advice on how to make our involvement better parallel the other units participating. It was a really good meeting.

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