Monday, January 10, 2011

Monday at Midwinter

Today's Schedule
8-10am OITP Advisory Liaison Visit
10am-12:15pm Council II
12:30-1:30pm ALA Executive Board Candidate Forum
2-5pm ALA Executive Board
8:30-10pm Council Forum - did not attend

Despite spending a good portion of Thursday with OITP at their retreat, I delivered my board talking points at their morning meeting. They're a great group so it's always nice to see all of them.

Many of the agenda items from Council I that were moved to Council II were once again moved, this time to Council III. I think this is a result of improved communication about resolutions via the Council listerv and discussions during the optional Council Forums.

I saw most of the Executive Board Candidate Forum. Having been on that stage in 2009, I know how exciting yet stressful the process can be. As I posted to the Council listserv in December, I am thankful to all the councilors willing to stand for election to serve on the ALA Executive Board.

The rest of my afternoon was spent at the ALA Executive Board meeting.

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