Saturday, January 8, 2011

Saturday at Midwinter

Today's schedule
7:30am-9am Focus Group
8-10am Council Orientation
10:30-12pm NMRT Executive Board
12-1:30pm Budget Analysis Review Committee
1:30-2:45pm Closed Meeting
2:45-4:30pm Exhibit Hall
5-5:15 ACRL Meeting - Missed due to member conversations at convention center, no worries
5:30-7pm Sage Reception
7:30-9pm Dinner, much to my surprise
9-10 Council Reception
10pm-2am Facebook After Hours Social

This was probably my most conflict filled day. I had too many places to be at once Can you say 5 meetings during the 8-10am slot?) which meant attending all were a physical impossibility. There were also a few events I couldn't hit (NMRT Orientation, RMRT meeting, NMRT Social). I just have to hope for more success at the next ALA.

I didn't make it to the Council Orientation until a little after 9 when the chapter councilors had gone into their own meeting, but was greeted by applause and cheers by the attendees still in the room. It was later noted that I was the only person who received that type of reception and that I should feel very special. I did and still do.

I stayed for most of the NMRT board meeting. I presented our slate of candidates, all were approved by the board. We also received a visit from Betty Turock, chair of the Spectrum campaign, asking for the round table's support of the Spectrum Presidential Initiative. We are halfway to our goal. I strongly encourage you to give to Spectrum.

I'm really pleased I was able to squeeze in a little time at the exhibit hall with my good friend and NMRT past president Laurel Bliss. She currently lives in San Diego, so I was guaranteed to see her at Midwinter. This was also a great time for me to thank vendors for their support of ALA and exhibiting at the meeting.

We enjoyed ice cream at the Council Reception. It was nice to sit down for a few minutes and talk to my fellow councilors. I think I managed to meet a few new councilors.

The Facebook Social was good fun as always. No issues getting into the venue like Midwinter in Boston. I saw many familiar faces and got to meet a number of Facebook and Twitter friends face-to-face. Great stuff.

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