Monday, January 10, 2011

Sunday at Midwinter

Today's schedule

9-10AM ALA/Council/Ex. Bd. Membership Info Session
10:30AM-12:15PM Council I
1-3PM Spectrum Luncheon (did not attend)
1:45PM Green Room
2:00-2:05PM Introduce Neil Gaiman and Nancy Pearl
2:30-3:30PM BARC/Division Leaders Joint Meeting
3:30-5:30PM ALA President's Program
6:30-10PM ProQuest’s Private Party Aboard the U.S.S. Midway
8:30-10PM Council Forum

Things are moving right along with my Midwinter. Council I ran a bit long so I didn't even attempt to attend the Spectrum Luncheon at Roberta Stevens' suite. I'm co-chairing a Spectrum subcommittee with ALA Past President Jim Rettig. We're working on ideas to get student chapters to participate in raising money for Spectrum. It is a pleasure to work with Jim on this initiative.

The highlight of the day was my opportunity to meet Neil Gaiman and Nancy Pearl then introduce them for the "An Afternoon with Neil Gaiman and Nancy Pearl" program. It was my first time meeting both, and they were incredibly nice. It was fun talking with Neil Gaiman while he and his publishing staff posted and read tweets @neilhimself.

Nancy Pearl, Neil Gaiman, Courtney Young

He also noticed my t-shirt and said that he liked it. When Jenny Levine asked me if I might wear it at Midwinter so many people would see it, I knew Sunday was the perfect day. This also made the shirt's concept originator very happy. You too can wear a shirt Neil Gaiman liked and support libraries, so go get one from the ALA Store! Size S | Size M | Size L | Size XL | Size XXL

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