Sunday, January 23, 2011

Library Day in the Life: Round 6

Round 6 image courtesy of Library Day in the Life

I'm excited to be participating in Library Day in the Life Round 6. It's coordinated by Librarian By Day. I'll post blog entries, tweets, and photos from January 24-30, 2011.

While I kind of randomly (and blindly) participated during round 5 on Twitter when I saw the hashtag being used by others, this year I'm official. I think it will be particularly interesting since I'm in this new management role, four months as of January 20. There are a few interesting items on my calendar for the week I hope make it interesting for everyone, including me.

I also plan to tell my library intern Sarah about the project so she can follow along to get multiple library perspectives, not to mention global perspectives.

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  1. hurray! I'm glad you'll be officially participating and I'm looking forward to reading about your day!